Outside Gardening Resources

The table below lists gardening resources from outside this website. Click on the gray arrows in the desired column to sort the table A to Z or Z to A.

Topic ↓ Title ↓ Author/Source ↓ Format ↓
state parks, conservation, native plants Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation DCR website
gardening, lawn care Virginia Cooperative Extension Publications VCE website
lawn care Why Sod? VCE .pdf
public outreach, stormwater management, natural resources Henricopolis Soil and Water Conservation District Henriko County, VA website
plant introduction Beautiful Gardens Virginia Nurserymen's Association Horticulture Research Foundation, Inc. website
insect pests Fire Ants are Emerging Nuisance for Virginians Sutphin, Michael .pdf
insect pests Monthly Scouting Tips Department of Entomology, Virginia Tech webpage
abiotic disorders Abiotic Plant Disorders Michigan State University Extension .pdf
insect identification Insect Identification Lab Department of Entomology, Virginia Tech website
gardening promotion Plant More Plants Chesapeake Club website
pesticides Virginia Tech Pesticide Programs Virginia Tech website
Virginia flora Flora of Virginia Project Foundation of the Flora of VA Project, Inc. website
invasive species Invasive Alien Species of Virginia DCR website
pesticide labels MSDS MSDS Agro-chemical database Crop Data Management Systems, Inc. website
sod Virginia Sod Directory Goatley, J.M. webpage
comsumer protection Virginia Deptartment of Agriculture and Consumer Services VDACS website
allelopathy, walnut tree The Walnut Tree: Allelopathic Effects and Tolerant Plants Appleton, Bonnie, et al. .pdf
native azaleas Photographs of Native Azaleas Skinner, H.T. website
azalea, rhododendron DonaldHyatt.com Hyatt, Donald website
gardening National Garden Bureau. Inc. National Garden Bureau. Inc. website
gardening Top 2011 Garden Trends Pierson, Stacey .pdf
trees 24 Ways to Kill a Tree Appleton, Bonnie .pdf
lawn Mulch Mowing City of Roanoke .pdf
turf nutrition Characterization of Turfgrass Nutrient Management Practices in VA Hall, J.R., et al. .pdf
pruning When to Prune Deciduoud Trees French, S.C., et al. .pdf
IPM Integrated Pest Management Principles EPA webpage
perennial Online Perennial Library Walters Gardens, Inc. website
landscaping The Value of Landscaping Relf, Diane .pdf
plant nutrition Nutrient Management Relf, Diane .pdf
lawn weeds Spring Lawn Weed Control Askew, Shawn podcast
lawn, garden Lawn and Garden: Turf and Garden Tips VCE website
urban heat island Cool Communities - .pdf
safety Occupationsal Safety and Health Administration US Dept. of Labor website

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