Visit the GoGreen displays
at the Meadow Pavilion
at the State Fair of Virginia
September 28 - October 7



  • Get expert gardening advise from Virginia Certified Horticulturist and Master Gardeners
  • Get expert landscape design information from Virginia Certified Landscape Designers
  • Get expert advice on how to "Experience a Real Virginia Tree"
  • Get expert advise on how you can GoGreen

This site is provided to the gardeners of Virgina by the Virginia Green Industry Council. We cover all things for gardening in Virginia.



National Tree Benefit Calculator (benefits to stormwater, property value, energy savings, air quality and CO2 sequestration)

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Landscape Plants Increase Home Value

Plant happiness in your own backyard, check out the Plant More Plants website!

Beautiful Gardens 2011 Plants of Distinction

The 2011 Perennial Plant of the Year is Amsonia

New VG Article: The Value of Landscaping

New VG Article: Hellebores, the Deer-Resistant Winter Blooming Plant!

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